"Dr. Burton S. Schuler, Morton's Toe Expert"- Author of Why You Really Hurt, It All Starts In the Foot.




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Corns are thickening of the skin created by Mother Nature, in order to insulate and protect the toes against abnormal friction and bony pressure in our shoes. They can be located on the top of any of the toes, or in between the toes. The corns that form between the toes or in the toe webs is called “soft corns” and appears most often in between the 4th and 5th toes. Soft corns are primarily caused by perspiration that collects between the toes, and since this moisture is always present, the corn tissue does not have an opportunity to   harden.

These abnormal bony pressures are most commonly caused by bone spurs of the toes, Arthritis or a Hammer Toe condition. A Morton’s Toe either directly or indirectly can cause a hammer toe. The reason’s that corns hurt are due to the irritation of the skin, nerves and other tissues that are being constantly rubbed by the abnormal bone, when it is in a shoe. In many cases there is a related Bursitis of the toe. This is an inflammation of the fluid contain sac that covers, and protects the toe.

Many people attempt to treat corns themselves with over-the counter medicines. These medications contain acid and while they may dissolve the corn tissue, they do nothing to get rid of the underlying bone problems, and can be very dangerous especially if the person is a Diabetic or has poor circulation.

Another popular self-treatment is “bathroom surgery” or “trimming of the corn”, but like the acid all that this does is to temporarily remove the corn tissue without treating the real problem of the bone. I feel it is extremely dangerous to do this bathroom surgery since thousand of people a year lose their toes, feet, legs, and life as a direct result of it.

The good news is this vicious cycle, can be avoided for this chronic condition. I am pleased to advise there are a number of ambulatory techniques that can be performed in an office setting to alleviate the painful corn. Hospital-based surgery is not always necessary to fix this problem, and can easily be ina office, through the utilization of ambulatory surgery But do not forget, it could be the untreated Morton’s Toe that is the real cause of your corns.