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Circulation Problems in Diabetics

As a foot specialist, podiatrist I treated patients in my office in Panama City, Fl on a daily basis with Peripheral Vascular Disease. Poor circulation, also known as Peripheral Vascular Disease is a common complication in diabetics who have had the disease for some time. It is due to the excess buildup of sugar in the body. This tends to cause an increase in the fat and cholesterol, which then results in a narrowing or closing off of both the larger and smaller blood vessels. This results in less oxygen and nourishment being supplied to the feet and toes. When this does happen, the skin may break down, sores may then occur, which then can lead to infection and or ulcers, gangrene and possible amputation.
Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) is also a condition in which the arteries become clogged. Because of this leg cramps or pain that becomes worse with walking or other activity, is a common symptom Other symptoms may include leg numbness, tingling, or weakness. The feet also are cold or discolored, with loss of hair.