"Dr. Burton S. Schuler, Morton's Toe Expert"- Author of Why You Really Hurt, It All Starts In the Foot.



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Florida Foot Doctor explains how Morton’s Toe causes knee pain

A  foot doctor, who specializes in a foot care,   foot specialist (Podiatrist), of Panama City Fl, Dr. Burton S. Schuler is a leading expert on the medical condition known as the Morton’s Toe. He is the author of the new book about the Morton’s Toe (Long Second Toe), Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts In The Foot. He feels that knee pain is often caused by the Morton’s Toe (Long Second Toe). Schulers  feel that the Morton’s Toe, (Long Second Toe) is among the most overlooked reasons for why one gets pain in and around the knee joint., because it causes  one to need advanded foot care

Dr. Schuler says:

“Knee pain is a form of arthritis that is often caused by a Morton’s Toe (Long Second Toe) Over a period of years, due to pronation, a Morton’s Toe (Long Second Toe) can cause many abnormal strains to the knee joint, resulting in many painful problems. This wear and tear inside the knee joint causes a breakdown of the joint cartilage to occur, but it can all start from improper foot care ”.

Dr. Schuler further states:
“Knee pains can also be caused by the irritation of the muscles around the knee. It is well established that Morton’s Toe can be an underlying cause for these painful muscle problem by causing a condition known as Myofascial Pain Syndrome. In this condition, any muscle in the body, including the ones around the knee, can be aggravated and become very painful. Exactly the Gluteus Minimus and the Vastus Medialis muscles are responsible for this problem around the knee. The good news most of these knee problems, can be treated easily with a simple toe pad”