"Dr. Burton S. Schuler, Morton's Toe Expert"- Author of Why You Really Hurt, It All Starts In the Foot.



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Heel Pain Guidelines discussed by Panama City Podiatrist

In the spring of  2010, new  guidelines for the  treatment and diagnosis of  plantar fasciitis and  heel pain  was  published by  the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons  .  The most common heel pain condition, plantar fasciitis, is an swelling of the plantar fascia, which is the rubber-band like structure  that goes from the ball of the foot to the heel.  Dr. Burton S. Schuler, foot specialist, podiatrist, foot doctor of Panama City Fl writes that these guidelines are controversial in the physical therapy community because the ACFAS suggests evidence to recommend physical therapy as a treatment protocol. Also, while corticosteroid injections are given an evidence grade of B in the guidelines, many including Dr. Burton S. Schuler,  http://www.footcare4u.com/category/about-dr-schuler/    objects to this heavy reliance on injections.

 Schuler says “I give injection in my office for heel pain and plantar fasciitist only when a more  conservative treatments like physical therapy, padding and strappings and medications,  has not work. Most patient appreciate this because most people are not thrilled about getting a needle stuck in their heel” 

One thing that can be considered as a treatment for heel pain and plantar fasciitis is to consider whether you have a short first metatarsal bone, which can be treated using a toe pad under the first big toe of each effected foot .  This was named “Morton’s Toe” after Dr. Dudley J. Morton who was a renowned physician in the first half of the twentieth century.  Morton was the most famous U.S. expert on problems of the human foot.  Popular publications such as Reader’s Digest, Time Magazine, and the New York Times regularly quoted and cited him, and his medical books and articles were the leading authorities of their time

Dr. Morton’s research on a second longer toe and heel pain is one topic addressed by Dr. Burton S. Schuler, who practices podiatry in Panama City, Florida, and is one of the country’s leading experts on the Morton’s Toe and how it affects the whole body.  He is the author of The Agony of De-Feet: A Podiatrist’s Guide to Foot Care, and Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts in the Foot  Schuler’s emphasis on treating heel pain is prevention and early diagnosis and treatment of Morton’s Toe to avoid heel problems overall.  While this is not the answer to all heel pain problems, early detection of Morton’s Toe leads to prevention of plantar fasciitis in enough cases to take notice of Morton’s research.

Dr. Burton S. Schuler is a foot doctor, foot specialist (Podiatrist), of Panama City, Fl and the director of the Ambulatory Foot Clinics Podiatric Pain Management Center.