"Dr. Burton S. Schuler, Morton's Toe Expert"- Author of Why You Really Hurt, It All Starts In the Foot.



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Patient’s Testimonials and Reviews of Dr. Schuler

C Knox ‎ – Sep 14, 2011
 5 stars
I have been a patient of Dr. Schuler for almost a year now. I was really surprised and impressed by his work ethic. Dr. Schuler was not the first Podiatrist that I saw. After my first visit with Dr. Schuler I realized that I had wasted hundreds of dollars with my first Podiatrist. I was treated for symptoms and never diagnosed until I came to Dr.Schuler. He performed detailed test and diagnosed my problem (Morton's). I now am able to deal with my foot problems with his painless therapy. I have not received a shot since seeing him. I am so glad I got a second opinion. The first Podiatrist I saw wanted to do surgery and had never taken an X-ray (Go figure!). I feel comfortable with Dr. Schuler and trust his judgment. If you are having problems with your feet please save yourself some time and money. GIVE DR.SCHULER A TRY. He has really made a difference in my life. TRUST ME C. KNOX 9/12/2011 

Margaret ‎ – Sep 15, 2010

 5 Stars

“Walking again without pain” Dr. Burton S. Schuler has done a wonderful service by writing an excellent book titled “Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts in the Foot”. I accidentally discovered his book at Border’s where I was trying to find a way to treat myself. I was very surprised to find out Dr. Schuler was here in Panama City. I immediately made an appointment. I could hardly walk from my car into his office. His book is a must have!! It is very informative! I needed orthotics and the ones he designed are the best!! For those who have pain in their feet, ankles, etc., you owe it to yourselves to make an appointment with Dr. Burton S. Schuler. I highly recommend him. Margaret 


Gwen ‎ – Jul 14, 2010
5 Stars
Thank you Dr. Schuler Dr. Schuler has been wonderful to me. I have had foot pain for over 8 years with 8 previous foot surgeries. I have been to numerous other physicians with no relief. Dr.Schuler was able to pin point the cause of my constant pain of Morton’s toe and treat it without surgery. By simply placing a pad under my foot and alleviating the pressure on the nerves, the pain disappeared after just a week. I am now pain free for the first time in 8 years. His office is very friendly and willing to assist. Dr. Schuler has a wonderful disposition and a joy to go see. I will continue using Dr. Schuler and would highly recommend anyone with foot pain to see Dr. Schuler. Thank you Doctor for finally making me pain free. Gwen 
gwynbea1 ‎ – Dec 2, 2010
5 Stars

About 5 years ago Dr. Schuler (with treatment and custom-made orthotics) cured my very painful plantar fasciitis. More recently I returned to him because of posterior heel pain. Again, his treatment and new custom-made orthotics are curing my problem. I highly recommend Dr. Schuler

Ann ‎ – Nov 16, 2010
5 stars 

“Worth the two and a half hour drive from Niceville”. Thank you Dr. Schuler for identifying my problems and treating my Morton toe with expert care. I would not expect anyone else in Northwest Florida to have as much experience, so I will continue to make the trip to see you when needed. My feet are SO much better. Also, I look forward to your friendly manner and upbeat attitude. Ann from Niceville, Florida. 


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Another Nice Review of Dr. Schuler Book “Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts In The Foot”

5.0 out of 5 stars A valuable book for families with this inherited foot issue,   March 14, 2010
Karen C. Grayson (Sawyer, MI USA) – (REAL NAME)   
This review is from: Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts in the Foot (Paperback)

I have had great problems with foot pain for many years My feet would especially ache and burn at night when I would go to bed. I tried many different types of shoes and shoe inserts, but nothing helped. I love to walk and cross country ski, and this foot issue caused much discomfort, but I would keep going and just “grin and bear it”.

Using Dr. Schuler’s information on this heredity condition made a big improvement in my life and helped resolve my foot pain. His book holds many answers one needs to correct this foot problem and other various ailments that people experience due to Morton’s Toe. Wish I could of had this information sooner. 

I put together the foot pads that he recommends and they made all the difference in the world. No more going to bed at night with burning, aching feet! Thank God!! It was incredible! 

I feel that everyone with Morton’s Toe issue needs to read and keep a copy of Dr. Schuler’s book in their homes for the welfare of their children, grandchildren, etc., since it is an inherited condition. Someone down the line will end up with it. Wish my parents had had such a book and had known about it and told me! It would have saved me from many years of foot pain. 

Dr. Schuler’s writes in a very easy to read and clear style. The important information he shares was a God-send to me and I “highly” recommend his book. He is an expert in this field and has made this his life work, in treating the various ailments due to Morton’s Toe so people can be free from everyday foot pain. 
Thank you so much Dr. Schuler!