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Foot Care For You"Foot Surgery is a last resort, not first aid."- Dr. Burton Schuler

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    "Common Foot Ailments"



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    Dr. Burton S. Schuler, Podiatrist, Foot Doctor, Panama City Fl

    Dr. Burton S. Schuler, Podiatrist, Foot Doctor, Panama City Fl

     Authored by Dr. Burton S. Schuler, Google+

    Since 1970 when he decided  to  go into the profession of Podiatry, Dr. Burton S. Schuler, podiatrist, foot doctor of Panama City Fl, has bought textbooks and related books about  the feet on a constant bases. Presently he has  over 100 books the earliest from 1904. 

    Schuler says:

    I own podiatry books written during every decade of the 20th century and I always learned something from them. Podiatry like other professions,  has the bad habit of throwing out the old just because  it is old. This is crazy but the books remind me what was good  in the past, and why we  should be using it now.


    When I go to work tomorrow everything I will do in my office, as it has been for the past 38 years is based on what I learned in a 1935 book titled  The Human Foot  by Dr. Dudley Morton. 

    About 80-90% of the patients who walk into an office of a foot doctor tommrow will have the exact, specific , precise accurate  problem that was written about by Dr. Morton 80 years. Yet, the modern podiatrist refuses to even acknowledge that. 

     Here is the list of the 100+ books in my personal library about the human foot and related subjects

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