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Ingrown Toenails



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Ingrown Toenails

What is really happening in the case of an ingrown toenail is that the flesh around the nail is being forced to close in against the sides of the nail, forcing the nail itself to dig into the flesh. Inheritence, tight shoes and or socks are generally the major causes of ingrown toenails.
Home treatment for ingrown toenails may be practiced if the ailment has not progressed to a very painful or infected toenails. Some treatments, such as soaking in warm water and packing the area between the nail and the flesh with cotton, preventing the edge of the nail from piercing the skin, have proven to be successful in the past for some people.
If, however, you are suffering from an infected painful toenail, it is not wise to attempt to cure it through self-treatment At this stage, it may be necessary for your podiatrist to remove the ingrowing border of the nail.
The simplest professional treatment for an ongoing ingrowing nail is to see your local Podiatrist on a regular basis. If you see them every 30-90 days, it is normally pain free to remove the nail. The nail will grow back, hence you must be seen again.
If you desire a more permanent treatment, where the nail should not come back, a relatively simply surgery can be done in the office setting, where the nail root is destroyed by using a chemical called phenol. No incisions is made or stitches used with this procedure.
There are many highly successful non-surgical treatments for toenail problems that give relief by treating the abnormal shape of the nail. Foot surgery for toenail problems is commonly done and desired; and if needed, it is done using minimal incision techniques, in the comfort and privacy of the our Clinic.