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Swelling & Edema of the Foot & Ankle Explained By Podiatrist


Authored by Dr. Burton S. Schuler,
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 Swelling and edema of the foot and ankles is explained by Dr. Burton S. Schuler, Podiatrist, Foot Doctor of Panama City Fl, Schuler in the extended article below  writes about why  your feet swell and what to do about it. 

Why your feet swell and what is edema 

The medical term for abnormal swelling of the feet, ankle or legs is edema and is a common problem seen by podiatrist on a regular basis. Most often this swelling or edema is caused by some type of break down in the circulation system (vascular) of the body. But, this abnormal swelling can be caused by other reasons then the circulation system. 

Edema is when there is too much interstitial fluid in your body. This is the fluid that normally is present in your body between body parts or organs or between groups of cells or tissues. Edema, or abnormal swelling of the feet ankles or legs, occurs is an excess amount of interstitial fluids accumulates at these areas. Again it is not the interstitial fluid it self that causes the swelling in the feet or ankles, but the amount of this fluid that causes the edema.

What causes the interstitial fluid to build up to start with?

Edema can result from various reasons 

1. When there is increased capillary pressure. This causes the collection of normal interstitial fluid to increase. This is seen in heart failure and blockages of the veins. .

2. When a capillary wall is damaged, as seen in infection, and trauma, because there is a resulting leakage of protein causing an increase in fluid retention. 

3. If the lymphatic system is damaged, resulting in the collection of protein, edema develops.  

What Causes Your Feet to Swell

Patient appear in my office with swollen feet and ankles on a daily basis. Most times only one foot is involve

Yes the buildup of interstitial fluids is the major reason for swelling and edema of the feet, but the more important question is why does the interstitial fluids build up in the foot to start with.  The answer to that question is that most people who come to my office have feet that just don’t work right. Because of this their feet produce a large amount of abnormal stress and strain. The reason for this abnormal stress and strain that causes the swelling is due to Pronation. This abnormal stress and strain causes the foot to be traumatized and on a daily basis, year in year out it cause major injury and insult to the foot. This injury is sufficient in many cases to cause the buildup interstitial fluids to occur.  

Swelling of both feet and ankles

If the swelling or edema takes place on both feet and ankles it most commonly is due to a body wide or systemic  problem  and not do to leakage of interstitial fluid Pain is not generally a complaint in edema of systemic origin, it may be indicative of the underlying disease process. This type of swelling is pitting in nature with edema in the feet, ankles. 

 Swelling of Unknown Cause

Sometimes there is no reason/cause that edema occurs, it just does.  This swelling can occur of the face, hands, feet, legs, and the abdomen in women.  This swelling does get better in the evening. at night

Swelling of both legs

This can be caused by numerous reasons including, Congestive heart failure, Kidney Problems, Cirrhosis  of the liver, Hypoproteinemia,  Lipedema, Primary lymphedema, 

Renal Abnormalities has been long associated as a cause of edema.  Such conditions as Nephritic syndrome and acute glomerulonephritis are renal abnormalities that may cause edema. 

About the Author:  Dr. Burton S. Schuler foot doctor, foot specialist, podiatrist  of Panama City, Fl  graduated the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1975, and has been in private practice for over 38 years. He  is a leading authority on the Morton’s Toe,  Long Second Toe and it associated medical  and health problems, first written about by   Dr. Janet Travell, President Kennedy’s physician.   Dr. Burton S. Schuler  most recent published book about The Morton’s Toe, Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts In the Foot. The book is published by the La Luz Press, Inc and presently has 7,000 copies in print and is disturbed nationally by the Cardinal Publishing Group.  Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts In The Foot, is the story of how one bone in your foot could be the real reason for pains thru out your whole body. It is important because it offer the public new information about why millions of people suffer everyday with aches and pains, and offers new hope to get rid of problems they believed they would have to live with forever 

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