Why You Really Hurt, It All Starts in the Foot by Dr. Burton S. Shuler
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Why You Really Hurt

It All Starts in the foot

by Dr. Burton S. Shuler

The most common reason for people to have foot problems is due to an abnormal motion of our feet know as Pronation.
A certain amount of Pronation is absolutely needed for the human foot to work properly. Pronation allows the foot to become a "Bag of Bones" (loose), in order for it to act as a shock absorber so it can adaptor to all of the different walking surfaces we are on. This adaption (pronation) is only supposed take place for a split second. When it goes on longer than that split second is when we start to have a condition known as Abnormal Pronation. When this occurs, the foot is put under a tremendous amount of stress and strain and with time results in Bunions, Heel Spurs, Corns, Calluses, Ingrown Toenails, and numerous other foot problems.
One of the main reasons for abnormal pronation is due to a Morton's Toe, which is an Inherited Trait. The long term treatment for abnormal pronation is relatively simply. With an Orthotic we are able to control the abnormal pronator forces in the majority of our patients. Many times we will build a Morton's Toe Pad into the orthotic.

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